About the company



Long-standing experience in planning, manufacturing and assembling hardware, deriving from the tradition in our area, lead the Most d.o.o., Rakek company, established in 1989, to become one of the most important manufacturers of this equipment in Europe. We market our products in more than 20 European states. Our buyers are mainly companies from the wood industry and from everywhere that our experience and knowledge are needed.


Our quality is based on the knowledge of our competent human resources, who gained their experiences in the most demanding projects. The development and construction of prototypes draw on prior experience upgraded by the latest discoveries. The highest quality components are used, demanding minimal or no maintenance for the machines and devices.


In our company, we strive to satisfy the wishes of our clients and to offer them quality and competitive hardware, in the future as well. Market demands determine the manufacture of hardware in accordance with European safety standards. A large circle of satisfied customers is certainly a great asset, and also a commitment for the development of new machines, devices and technologies in the future.

Director: Gregor Štembergar
Prokurist: Manca Juvančič dipl. ekon.
Sales: Gregor Štembergar
Procurement: Milanka Nunič
Development: Damjan Baraga ing. str.



MOST d.o.o.
proizvodnja strojev in naprav Rakek

Podskrajnik 67
SI- 1380 Cerknica, Slovenija, Europe

Telefon: +386/ 1 709 7016,
FAX: +386/1 709 7017,
Email: most.doo@siol.net